Saturday, October 3, 2009

Feels so gooooood!

You know when you have something hanging over your head and you just can't seem to catch a break to get it all done? I have been living under that Eeyore cloud for almost a full week now! It sucked! But I finally unraveled the tangled mess and sent out the billing after three days (yes, I said three) of tearing my hair out by the roots and one incredibly bad day where I thought I might actually pack all my undies and hit the road. I was serious. Sat in the car almost 5 minutes, contemplating the consequences... Decided if I did that, the billing would still be here waiting on me, even more tangled than before. Not an option. I pushed through!

Dramatic, I know. But it was that kind of epiphany moment when I realized (once again) that I cannot do it all! I want to do it all. That is the control freak in me that seems to think that only I have any skills at all, including driving the car. I have begun the insurmountable task of convincing Hubby that he too can drive kids to school and pick them up from the bus stop. I have to count on him more, and he on me less, if this endeavor is to succeed...

Now, to my illness that seems to kick in with the Grabbies when I try to let go. I think some of you out there will fully understand this sickness. I give it away, fully intending to let the chore of whatever I have deemed doable go to the person of my choosing. I then peek in on their progress... Bad idea! Because undoubtedly, the timeline isn't kicking right along, and I don't feel like it is where it needs to be... And I grab it right back and huff off into the sunset, muttering to myself about doing it all myself if I want it done right... Two months later, right back where I started!

Argh! But today, today is a good day. I am refreshed by completing the task I had looming over me. Refreshed enough to be creative to put the finishing touches on the birthday invitation piled in my card room. It won't take long, once I get it all in line. So I took just a moment to stop in and say hello!

I am hoping Monday will find me back at my blog project of the Things I Cannot Live Without. If it doesn't, I will try not to break out the flail, and just plan a little more me-time for the wee hours of the am!


New Pup is doing awesome, BTW. He is actually fitting right in. And a guilty little secret I have.... He only listens to me. Hee hee hee! He loves me best, and he is definitely not anyone else's dog. I love that. I am trying to share. But I love that Pogo chooses my lap first. He comes to me and bats at my hands when I am typing. He wants up on my lap while I work. I am in doggy heaven!


  1. I just wanted to say thank you sooo much for the invites Stacey. They turned out super cute. My family was starting to receive them yesterday in the mail.

    We can't wait for your bday party. We will def be there.

  2. Wish I could go to your birfday party! When is your day??? I know what you mean about the Grabbies! I am known around here at the Bossy Cow and my husband will simply mooo in my face when I get too bossy. No one can do anything as well as I can or as fast. Control freak? Yep!

  3. Me too.... why are men so incapable? I can say this because I have girls...but I blame the mothers!!!!!
    Totally relate to the Pogo thing... my shitties are mine all mine and they fight over my lap but won't go near another!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA I love it.

  4. I'm not bossy no! Just ask anyone, except those in my family! Keep pictures of Pogo coming, he's adorable! I think I'm in love.

  5. Jess: You are so welcome! I am so excited for you! Hope you, EN and Millie come down soon!

    Liz: you are so very welcome at my party! Lots of martinis at a very posh cigar bar and club... And I am getting a new dress! (Prolly new shoes too!)

    Ali: I know! I am so very happy about my pooch... I just love him to pieces! And as for the man-thing... Mine is incredibly spoiled and his mother has let me know she understands. (He is still perfect, however)

    Deb: I agree! I am not bossy! Just the Queen of Everything! Thanks for the Pogo compliments... I won't be able to stop with pics, so no worries there!

    You all have a marvelous day!


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