Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hippo Birdies to me!

I have finally completed them! I am relieved and excited and so very happy they are done!

These are my invitations to my Birthday Anniversary Party. (What?? I really don't get this chick!) Let me explain before you hit that un-follow button... See, I decided last year, in the midst of a disastrous shopping trip for a new "I feel way younger than 40" dress for my celebration, that I would no longer age. I was mortified that I was caught shopping in the Juniors department for my new couture... None the less, I was trying to avoid the inevitable. So I flat decided this would be the last birthday I had. Not the last celebration - Absolutely not! I love a good party and I am after all Queen of Everything! So there would be parties! Just not aging. No more birthdays that make me feel old and irrelevant. I would gladly celebrate the anniversary of my 40th birthday for the rest of my days, but I am not aging past 40 years old!

So here it is! The first anniversary of my 40th birthday and I am ready to party! After all, I quit aging remember? Well, the invites are spectacular, aren't they?


  1. Aww, we just got ours in the mail yesterday. Love them. Too cute! See you 2mar night for some partyin :)

  2. How did you make them? And is that your long thumb nail in the lower left hand corner? How do you maintain gorgeous nails on a farm?! AND WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY??

  3. Jess: yes, I was pitifully late in getting them out... Thus the addage that what one does for one self often goes neglected and undone!

    Liz: The Anniversary of my 40th Birthday is today, October 10th! LOL! I agree, my nails had gotten ridiculously long in that photo! I do them myself most times, which is the only way that I can maintain anything. That and the small fact that I don't do alot of manual labor in the barn. I am the geek behind the scenes! :)

  4. Liz: oh! And yes, I did make them. I painted the glasses (got em at the dollar store) and made the tags... I do that as business number 3! It feeds my creative side when the round peg in the square hole thing gets to be too much!


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