Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I would despair without Pen and Paper

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Isn't that just a hoot? Pen and Paper. Think about it - or maybe that kind of thought is just too frightening for most of us... But really, Pen and Paper are a pleasure I cannot fully comprehend.

You see, I love technology. I do. It feeds my soul in ways that I cannot get in any other way. I love the keys on my computer and how they feel all clicky and smooth beneath my fingertips. I love my phone, my GPS unit and all sundry other items that link me firmly to the 21st century.

But Pen and Paper... They are truly my secret love.

There simply is nothing like the feel of a good pen on new, crisp, white lined paper. I really relish new journals and the way the paper feels when the book is brand new. I love to feel the ink glide from the confines of my pen onto the pages, spilling with it my thoughts, my dreams and my innermost self. The way my handwriting either slides, glides, slips or flies onto the page is determined by many things. I can be feeling soft and contemplative, introspective or very fiery and angry and yet the feel of pen and paper in my hands calms me in ways that nothing else can.

I used to draw. Until I found other ways to be creative. Because, let's face it, drawing? Not my thing! Not in the way that writing feeds me. I type because it is faster and fuels my mind's tendency to race over multiple thoughts at once. But I think if I was more disciplined, I would write more. Use my hands more.

I love using fountain pens. My grandmother fueled that love early on in my writing career. She let me play with volumes of India ink and pens with something called "nibs". I thought it was wildly romantic to write with a fountain pen. Until I turned the insides of my fingers blue with a leaking pen one day and I realized that I would spend long minutes scrubbing the ink off of them before my date with Hubby (then Boyfriend).

Now I write with Pen and Paper when it is important. I sign all of our Christmas cards. I still hand write thank you cards. I absolutely cherish hand written letters and have secretly cursed the fact that I cannot seem to fully understand the Postcard chain that is going around Twitter... I think Spud is involved in it somehow... Postcrossing???? Something of the sort. Anywhoooo.

Despite the fact that I seldom use them, I would despair without Pen and Paper!
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