Saturday, October 24, 2009

Feels like a long time...

I am feeling a little lost amount the leaves this morning. I miss my blog! I have been so very busy with life and birthdays and parties and poker and businesses that I have not been here to visit with all of you. So I figured a random list of all the things that I have been doing and learning while I have been away would be in order for today.
  • I have learned that I get a lot more done when my desk is cleaned off. Funny that - Who knew? (Yeah, don't tell me!)
  • I have learned that Girl is just the best kid ever and taking time to spend with her on a "Girl Day" results in a comment made that I will take to my grave with a smile on my face... "I don't know why other kids don't like hanging out with their mom... I love you and think you are the best!" (Pan to mother in big puddle on floor...)
  • I have learned that Hubby is way more accommodating than I am when he is in a room full of folks.
  • I have learned that all my hard work does pay off, even when I don't see it right away.
  • I have learned to trust other folks to do as good a job as I aspire to, despite bad experiences to the contrary!
  • I have learned that God only gives me as much as I can handle, and when the time comes - I should escape and take a bubble bath without guilt that I'm not doing something else.
  • I have learned that God also isn't stingy with His provision. I will have just what I need, just in time.
  • I have learned that old trucks are cool to drive and GPS is invaluable.
  • I have learned that Boy just needs me to be here, even when it looks like he isn't paying any attention to me.
  • I have learned that Hubby loves me, even though and in spite of the fact that I am sometimes snotty.
  • I have learned that old friends feel so good and conversations can go on for a long time after you say goodbye when it's just comfortable.
  • I have learned that I am not comfortable with choosing a new horse just yet.
  • I have learned that a new remote can make all the difference for me and yet not be fully appreciated by the rest of the family.
  • I have learned to trust my own judgment on what my businesses need.
  • I have learned that my blog will still be here and the dust can be blown off any time I have a moment or a tidbit to say from it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Don't forget to add this to the list...that your readers will still be here happy to read what you post! Lovely list.


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