Friday, May 14, 2010

When Husband is away...

:-:  I tend toward not fixing myself dinner.  Snacking previals!

:-:  I do wild unconventional things - like buy bird feeders and bird seed and humming bird feeders...  OK - So not so unconventional, more crazy bird-lady...  Still...

:-:  I sleep with the tv or the radio on, or both, to block out bumps in the night

:-:  I sneak off for lunch with the Number One assistant (don't worry! It's a girl - not an affair!)

:-:  I sometimes leave the tv off all morning long!

:-:  I get quit a bit done

:-:  Pogo sleeps on the bed right next to my head, instead of at the foot, like he should

:-:  Evening cocktails lose their appeal

:-:  I miss the sound of spurs on the foyer floor

:-:  Bad days seem worse

:-:  I sniff the flowers he brought for our anniversary over and over and fret when they start to lose their petals

:-:  I dance with my music blasting in my ears and sing loudly without fear of being caught!

:-:  The cats disappear - He is their favorite, you know...

:-:  I count down the hours to his return.

:-:  I realize how much I miss my very best friend....


  1. Aww I can totally relate and guess what... I'm turning into crazy bird lady too. I bought a humming bird feeder just today as it happens! I wonder if I'll be able to snap one!!!
    I still like the evening cocktails and I get to snack on all the Brit Shit that he hates.

  2. There are def good things about his away time... But all in all, I would rather he kept his fuzzy butt home!


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