Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We gather here today... mourn the death of a beloved PC girl. But fear not, bretheren! She is reborn a Woman of the Mac!

Yeah, Dell is now personna non grata in the Brown household these days! After three frustrating weeks without an office computer, because a brand new Dell Inspiron in the most lovely shade of violet blew up 4 days out of the box, I became so tired of the run around I walked into the Apple store. I can hear your whoops of approval now! They had me at "hello." I was immediately ushered into the lovely brushed steel atmosphere of warmth and shiny screens. Here I will communicate with those who's first language is English, I will be treated with respect and intelligence, and I will walk out wih not one, but two Macs! (I think we all know when I go, I go all the way!)

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