Saturday, April 17, 2010

Springtime in the Rockies means...

  • Never knowing what to wear even if the sun is shining...
  • It can be 70 degrees at noon and 30 degrees at 5!
  • Cute clothes must be covered up by sweatshirts and parkas
  • Feet of snow instead of inches of rain
  • My SADD is almost over for another year!
  • mud...  lots of mud...
  • The shortest growing season known to man... (ok - not really, but it feels like it!)
  • Pogo gets a bath once a week
  • A renewed spirit of can-do-ness
  • watching the horses play outside for the first time - Que Bella!
  • Finding little blooms on the fushia that lives inside (because it is too stinking cold outside!)
  • Boy's lizard is awake and HUNGRY!
  • Little tufts of green amidst the dry and withered browns.
  • I am slowly awakening and excited to be creative again!
What does Springtime mean for you in your neck of the woods?  Share and leave me a comment - I'd love to read about it!

1 comment:

  1. We live near the Rockies too. Spring means snow can come anytime. I think we have had snow every month from time to time. At least that's what the weather guys say. Spring means cleaning up tree branches, fallen trees. I am so sick of pine cones and pine needles. They stick to my feet and I track them into my house constantly. Spring means the first spotting of our chipmunks. That makes me smile.
    Crows, ugh, song birds Yah! Spring means not knowing when to plant seeds because it can snow any min. or it may not...Spring this year means a fire ban so far. I don't know where that comes from as we have snow in ditches still. Spring means that grey look, not too pleasing to the eye. Spring means Summer is hopefully soon around the corner. Enjoy your blog!


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