Friday, April 23, 2010

So... What do you do when...

You get both the crossover Edge and the 4wdtruck stuck?

Yeah...  Not too bright, I am!

Ready to kill the Mr. who is 200 miles away telling me it isn't that bad...  REALLY?

Snow up to my chest in places, just knees in others.

Unable to get to the neighbors to feed their animals since they are on vacation.

Sure the hired man is thinking I'm an idiot and should have stayed home!

This is the same car I showed you in the previous post!No more front tire!

Dogs not thinking that this is very much fun!  One prissy Sheltie mix and a stubby legged Corgi...  Hilarity watching them try to navigate going potty!

Lungs still burning from running in knee deep snow.  Better go find my inhaler...

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