Friday, April 23, 2010

Yeah, um... Just look - And be very glad you are not here!

OH what a difference 14 hours makes!  The first two pics are the contrast I thought was striking looking out one window to another in the car.  That is definitely Colorado for ya!  Out one window you would think life was good, spring had sprung and all was well... 

Out the other window, darkness and very threatening clouds loom on the horizon.

Picture 3 - well that is what I woke up to this morning at 5:30 am!!!!!  And guess what?  The school district didn't think life was too snowy to call school, despite the fact that a rather frazzled bus driver called me to let me know she was stuck!  STUCK!  A bus that easily outweighs my car by four times!!!!!  Are you kidding me?  Needless to say, the Brown Household has shut down and we are now snugly tapping on our computers.

Be glad that your spring hopefully consists of flowers instead of flakes!


  1. Yikes! In my area, we can usually count on snow through March, but this year I think we only had a few flurries that month and April has, generally, been gorgeous! The kids have been wearing shorts more often than not. Global warming??

    Being holed up with the internet doesn't sound half bad, though. ;)

  2. That would be great... Except that despite our regularity of snow of this magnitude, our internet goes out ALOT! It has been out twice already this morning. And I am stuck in the house with one preteen and one teenager, who no longer find it fun to play in the snow! Definitely need more bandwidth! LOL!


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