Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wonderings, randomness and keeping it all at bay...

I have some very loyal followers, even ones that aren't in the follow list, and they are telling me exactly how long it has been since my last post.  I know I said after I got all the computers cleaned off I would post and get back to it in a more routine fashion...  Ahem.  I really thought that would be the case.  After spending the two days on computer work and anti virus protection and all that, I discovered that I may have another virus on my laptop!  Very stinking frustrating!  And before all you Mac users shake your head at me, I hear you but I cannot change 5 machines into Macs in this economy!

I don't have a ton of time so I figured a list would do me wonders!

  :-: New Project is going swimmingly and I feel as though I will be able to launch in another month or so.  Don't hold me to that - It's a God thing and I have to work on His timeline, not mine!

  :-: Why is it that when you think things will ease up on you it just seems to make room for more pressure in another form?

  :-: When taking ones vitamins is one required to burp up fish oil the remainder of the day when all one wants is to not creak when one walks?

  :-:  I think my Wii is trying to kill me...

  :-:  I still love my dog, my phone and my car and not necessarily in that order!

  :-:  Wish I could leave my face alone without having on acrylic nails...  I am as bad as a teenager with my fidgety self!

  :-:  When I look around I am rejuvenated at the thought of Spring.  I may even be motivated enough to get my gardens in!  (With a little help from my friends!)

  :-:  Sooooo excited about my new web program!  Resisting the urge to lose myself in redesigning the site all over again...  Although that constitutes work, right?  I mean I'm not doing nothing, I'm developing our business, right?  (See what I'm up against?)

I hope your days come and go with the ease and wonderment of small children! (eewww, where did that come from?)

See you soon!

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  1. What??????? So what's the new project?? did I miss something? I did a random post today too.. must be in the air. Spring is lovely isn't it, I planted some flowers but I'm having trouble with the watering... 8 year old is a little too keen!


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