Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm not ready

Girl is turning 13 on Monday.  I am not ready.  I thought that I would be ready when the time came to usher my eldest child into her teens.  I am not.

I am not ready to teach her to shave her legs and her armpits.  I am not ready to be on the lookout for her monthly visitor.  I am not ready for the first young man that I have to murder and hide the body because he broke my little munchkin's heart.  I am not ready.

I still want to be a teenager myself, listening to all the cool music and running from the kitchen during dinner prep when I hear that Top Model is back on...  I am not ready to be that mom yet.  The mom who has to say no to things and fret about the choices she makes.  Good thing she is such an amazing kid...  Doesn't get caught up in the wirlwind of popular or trendy or going steady.  Firmly states she isn't interested.  Thank you Lord!

Do you think she might be a doll and wait?  Wait until I feel ready?  No?  Me neither.  Guess I have to just get ready...

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