Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today I rest...

Yup, today I have help. The neighbor kid is cleaning stalls for a little cash to help him fix his truck so I do not have to clean stalls! Yahoo!!!

I snapped the pic above with my phone... Apologies for the lack of clarity, but it was just the coolest sight! It is one of those lawn mower air chair thingies that a neighbor flies about... Looks terrifyingly fun, although I must admit that I wouldn't be caught dead in one!

I am fairly certain that that rose is not a part of what I thought I was buying. It is a traditional multilayered rose, not the hardy primroses I purchased specific to our altitude... Never the less, she sure is spectacular! Four buds on top and seems to be faring rather well, despite the lack of oxygen up this high! Lol!

Last, but definitely not least, a gratuitous shot of my niece... Sis and the family will be departing later today but we did manage to see each other twice while she was in town. Lexi is growing so very fast and is simply the loveliest little girl!

Looking forward to catching up on blog reading - from the new iPad, of course. The screen is spectacular!!

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  1. ok i have seen a lot in my day but never a flying lawn chair mower thingy???????? I need more detail.


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