Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh man....

Yeah. Ahem.... My name is Mud, and I'm addicted to technology...

In my defense, I bought the darned thing after I walked out of the store twice! Yes. I went back in twice amidst snarky stares and big knowing grinny faces to buy the iPad.

I kept it simple and purchased the smallest one - no 3G, only 16g... And can I just say WOW!

It's so stinking cool I can hardly believe it!! My techy brother is so very jealous because I have it first. I'm not sorry. I work three jobs and I'm going to get something fun out of it!

Now.... Any suggestions on how I tell my husband?????


  1. Oh I'm currently SO torn. i want one. I don't think I 'need' one though, and the boys would wrestle it off me the whole time. But my heart is tempted....! x

  2. "Need" is absolutely relative. That was what kept me from getting one immediately. I just kept wanting and wanting... Then I made the mistake of reading reviews - my fate was sealed then!! Even in the review the "need" item was addressed as tongue in cheek!

  3. Didn't I comment yesterday????? where'd it go????
    Hmmm... anyhoo... just wanted to check in and see if you're using today to read blogs????

    I would very much like to have one and maybe, just maybe if I'm a very good girl Santa will bring me one.... along with a new lens, a bamboo fun and Photoshop!!!!!!!!!!! the girls are getting penny whistles this year.


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