Thursday, August 26, 2010

Childhood memory #1: Family Gathering

Yeah.... Seems very cliche, I know, but it is true. The very best childhood memories I have revolve around my family. I cannot think of anything I would rather do than hang out together with those very closest to me.

I'm not saying there aren't times I don't answer my phone when they call. I'm not saying I am the best daughter ever and just can't wait to see them 24-7. That would be a lie. I am saying that I just love the times we all sit around and laugh about things from our rather checkered past as a familial unit. Those gut wrenching, bend doubled over, laugh til the tears flow freely hilarious moments when we relive the food fight we had and Mom's mashed potatoes bounced! Those kinds of times... Reliving the awesomeness of having our kids and what that was like...

I love my family, and while some of my childhood was fraught with some very scary times, it made me strong and shaped my faith in ways I could never have predicted. I am a frugal, well adjusted, humble woman with a fiercely loyal and interesting family that I cherish above all else.

My biggest hope is that my kids will some day sit on my front porch in the cool of the Colorado evening and share stories they love about growing up on a horse ranch.

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  1. Ah,'ve got me thinking now. I remember my childhood very fondly but I'm not sure I've ever tried to break it down, as it were. Interesting.



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