Monday, August 22, 2011


Some days are easier than others... That much is certain. I have been inundated as of late with things that have me stretching... Stretching my time, stretching my resources, stretching my patience. And so I have just decided to settle in and get limber!

I have decided to become... It isn't a new concept. It just peeks it's head up every now and then in my life and I realize it is time once more to become something other than what I have been focused on up to now.

:+: I have decided to become flexible. I laugh at this. God isn't really giving me a choice right now. I better get flexible fast, or I just might break!

:+: I will become relaxed... if it kills me! My neck is doing this twisty-turny thing that is a fright first thing in the morning. It is painful and makes me want badly to be cranky. I know it is the manifestation of my stress levels getting way out of control. So I guess it is out the door with control... (eek)

:+: I will become a more consistent writer. This is something I think I can actually do! I have all the tools at my disposal, even if the studio is no where near finished... Still a lovely space until it becomes colder and so very inspiring when I sit there at the open window.

:+: I will become the mother and wife I have always wanted to be. That looks different from day to day, but I am willing to learn how to flex into that, to become a more malleable and lovable woman of great use!

:+: I will become more present. This is a tough one! I love my life, but often I am thinking way to far into the future to be effective today. So, I will pray through the anxiety, seek God when I have my "moments", and I will strive to become more mired in the here and now, instead of the "What ifs".

:+: I will become less informed. I have already started down this path. Sounds goofy, right? I mean, who wants to be less educated? Right now, I do. I have turned off the television in the morning, refuse to watch anything but local news stories and believe it or not, I am much happier for it. I realize this will be counter-intuitive to some of you... For my sanity's sake, it is a deal breaker. Cannot stand one more talking head gleefully reporting another market crash and another step toward the greatest depression of our life-time. Sorry, no can do!

These are my becomings... What are yours?

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