Monday, September 6, 2010


So today is stacking up to be a regular pain in the you-know-what... I am on call to have to drive most of the day because no one else is available at this given moment. In short, don't get me started!

I had all this energy to do a random post and now it may turn into a rant and rave, instead! (Ah, married life! Ain't it grand???)

On a good note, I am sooooo close to having the invitations for our customer appreciation Pot Luck done! I just have a little bling to finish and then the envelopes and a quick trip to the post office. These buggers have been giving me fits since I started the project! ARGH! But didn't they turn out nice?

Then there is my garden! It has quite taken over the grand firebox I constructed earlier this year and I couldn't be happier! Well, ok... So I hate weeding, and I am not entirely sure all my bushes will be making the trip back next year, but still. I have flowers! It looks like we might stay a while!

And that silly goofy rose that had the sticky up bloom in the middle? Well, it turned out the be the same kind of rose just some mutant stalk that came right up out of the center. During a particularly windy day around here, the stalk got bent, so I clipped it off and brought the stem inside. Isn't that just wonderful? I have never had flowers from my own garden in my house before. Very nice...

On the rant side... I am friggin' blind! Most of the pictures I am taking these days are coming out blurry because I don't have my little reader glasses to see if things are in focus. Pretty hard to take pictures on a micro focus at arms length! Ugh! So some of the close ups are crap... And still not sure what to get in way of new P&S camera. So crap pics it is!

How's your Labor Day going?

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  1. you know my day hasn't been a bowl of cherries either... i love your invitations!! and the flowers look fab... mine are all dead!!!


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