Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ain't it grand?

Technology... Seriously, I am a Techy to say the least and I absolutely love it! As I write this on the lovely and very versatile iPad I wonder just how much technology is too much?

Is it too much when we are so tempted to veer off the road texting? Is it too much when your phone dings at you past 10 pm and you actually pick it up out of a sound sleep to see who is contacting you? Is it too much when it interferes with your ability to hold a complete conversation with someone sitting right next to you?

How much is too much?

A friend of mine believes that it actually shortens our life span because we never really shut down and relax. I can understand her perspective. All of my gadgets can definitely be a distraction and sometimes drive me to "work" even when I normally would be shut off to the office. Working for myself, however, I only get paid when I work and I only eat when I get paid. So... I do what I have to to keep things rolling along.

I think that once we recognize that we are doing too much we can begin to do things to counter those habits as well. I know in my 40's I have begun to travel more, get away with the girls more, and make more concessions on what I find fun. I recognize more readily my need to shut off and go analog.

I have given myself permission to not answer text messages after a certain hour. I have given myself permission to leave my phone off when I am with a friend so that I can truly be a friend. I don't answer calls or texts while I am being waited on by a clerk of any kind, and if by chance I am on a call for whatever reason and someone comes by to help me, I apologize for being obnoxious.

I love my gadgets, but I don't ever want them to come between me and mine, be it friend or family. So I try to practice some restraint... some...

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