Monday, April 27, 2009

We're Makin Hay!

Oh what a difference a day makes! Didn't see this one coming, but have to say I'm glad for it. We really need the moisture for our hayfields. The more we get now, the better the grass comes in and the more I save in mid-summer on hay costs! The last time we got a good crop, we saved over $8K! That could really help in this economy! My kids were not thrilled with having to get to school in this stuff though. Levi had lots to say about it!

Shane is on another adventure getting home... Blew one tire on the trailer, had to pull into a small garage on the way up Vail pass and something was wrong with the brake system... God is good, though... Only cost him $20! That is amazing and wonderful! I am really excited to see him home!

Well, time to Wii! Stay warm!

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