Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hi There!

Hello all!
Well, for those of you who are wondering... I decided FaceBook was not very good for me, and figured for those who liked seeing what I was up to, this would be a nice alternative! This way, I can control myself from unhealthy stalking, and keep those I love informed and in the loop!

I hope you will check in on occasion and see what I am up to! If you would like to be included in the auto-update feature, just add yourself to the subscription list either at the left side under Google Followers or select the "Subscribe to Posts" hyperlink at the bottom of the page and this neat little blog will let you know when I post new stuff! Any time you don't want to have updates hit your email, just remove me from the Favorites section! No worries! I won't be offended... From the perspective that I get alot of email messages, I can completely understand!

I plan on having new pictures and stuff added next week!

Thanks for coming!

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