Saturday, January 1, 2011


I don't normally make them, New Years Resolutions.... I think that if one wants to change something, you don't need a special day to do it. But then I think back to all the times I have started something and I tend to wait til Monday... Lol! Seems funny, but the beginning of the week just seems right for new beginnings. So maybe New Years is the ultimate first day....

I make lists, lots of them. I list my to-dos for my work, I list the groceries and rarely shop without one, I list presents to buy, goals to meet, things I would like to see accomplished in the year. So now seems a very right time for a list...

- This year, I want to smile at least once a day.
- It's also my goal to make someone else smile at least once a day.
- I will write more, this blog or the other one... But I will write more
- I will finish my book.... So darned close!
- I will Facebook less than I connect with others face to face
- I will watch less television and make that I do watch count....
- I purchased a new pen today... I will use it to record my written words for my kids to read when I'm gone. I won't be self conscious about my handwriting... I will let it be what it is for that day, even if it's messy.
- When I am offended, I will endeavor to ask the offender at least one question, and I will attempt to assume they didn't mean to hurt me.
- I will remind myself that the only person hurt by bitterness is me... And I will try like hell not to be bitter!
- I will make myself sit still when my kids wrap me in hugs and want to kiss me on the mouth. I will treasure those moments later when they are busy with their own lives.
- I will pray because God is always listening and I will speak like children are listening.

The list is long and ambitious, but I believe in grace and miracles so I will try it anyway! And when I fail to keep it all, I will laugh at the days to come and remember that God loves me anyway! And my family makes it all worthwhile!!!

(Me... I really need to wax....)

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